Altoview is a cloud based solution that allows you to capture & retrieve data that's important to you.

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Altoview has been developed to address the need for real time data management across a broad range of industries. Powered by Campbell Scientific, a company with global experience in providing high quality measurement and data solutions to clients, Altoview is positioned to provide cost effective data capture and retrieval solutions.

industry application

Altoview data capture and retrieval solutions are suitable for a broad range of industries.

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Restaurant owners can use Altoview to satisfy health and safety requirements for food temperature monitoring and for refrigeration monitoring to prevent loss of cold goods in the event of power or equipment failure.

The availability of real time data in this industry not only protects the health of customers, but also provides extensive savings in wasted produce and cold goods.


With Altoview, farmers can now increase the scope of remote monitoring on their land. By having access to real time data on their mobile phone or tablet, significant efficiencies can be realised. Examples of data capture for agribusiness applications include:

  • Soil moisture and salinity levels
  • Frost prediction
  • Disease prediction
  • Rainfall and weather parameters
  • Bore level and pump monitoring

Altoview can facilitate data capture and retrieval, allowing agribusiness to benefit from access to real time data in a manner that suits them.


Energy organisations and utility providers can benefit from implementing Altoview solutions across their network.

Traditional labour intensive activities such as street light and transmission line monitoring can now be performed by Altoview, providing access to accurate information to manage assets with greater efficiency.

By being informed with real time data, Altoview users can make decisions regarding resource allocation with confidence.

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how it works

Altoview uses Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology to send data from multiple measurement nodes to the cloud where the data is stored using Altoview software.

Users then have access to their real time data 24/7 through their Altoview members portal. Your data can be displayed in a variety of ways, on a device that suits you.

It’s your data, your way.


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